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This is a rhetorical device known as the all or nothing perspective. By reading these articles it is clear to see that both authors are fighting for the rights of Muslim women.

While avoiding the route of a broad ban, his request for the woman to unveil only while giving evidence does set a precedent, even if technically it has been reiterated that this solution was ad hoc and that similar situations in the future will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Nor does it matter what would happen to us in Muslim countries. Australia would only reinforce the repression of women if it forced them to wear burqas -- which it is not.

Therefore, the manipulation of Advance Australia becomes readily manifest. Although it seems unlikely that this law will pass in Australia, it is indisputable that putting a ban on the burqa is both morally wrong, and is driven by religious discrimination.

Oumkheyr makes some very strong points in her article, that everyone should take into consideration when deciding their personal opinion of the Burqa ban proposal.

Australia is a good country because of its freedomwhich should be exercised to terminate the freedom of muslims from wearing burqas.

While others wear the Burqa because they believe they have to, as it is one of the commandments of god to dress modestly. The answer to this question is that the freedom that Harper propounds to take away the freedom from others is a form of oppression if not a variation of tyranny.

They can lead to fundamentalism, extremism, and totalitarianism. Although the author and the group he has written this press release for represent the conservative element of Australians, they do so from an extreme perspective. In taking a nuanced approach that allows the woman to sit with the veil during the trial but to identify herself to public officers when she enters and to unveil while giving evidence, the judge has in fact highlighted the two roles and two sets of priorities in rights for the defendant, as well as the institutional position of a judge and of a law court.

Some have accused the judge of having compromised too much in this. However, the concern for young females who wear headscarves that is forced by their family, community as well as their religion.

Standardization of "Ban the Burqa" The wearing of burqas should be prohibited in Australia. Articles used — 3A and 3B. Burqas are synonymous with criminality. It is unfair to, therefore, target these women with the burqa ban for crimes that they themselves are not committing.

This is another paradoxical statement that does not make sense once analyzed. People who are Muslim study the Islam religion. One shop owner was robbed by a burqa-wearing criminal whom it is impossible to catch because of his clothes, so the clothes are insidious.

His belief that burqas somehow prevent cultural diversity and an integration between Australian and muslim culture is unjustified and incorrect. Premise Three The author, Colin Harper, states that burqas are representative of female repression and are therefore incorrigible. The ban did not go ahead, however debate about the burqa continues.

The burqa is known by several different names such as Hijab, headscarf, Veil, niqab khimar, chador, or jilba. If nuns choose to take a veil, how is that any different from a Muslim woman's choice to wear one.

The author — Oumkheyr — is a Muslim woman who wears the full Burqa by choice, and is being strongly threatened by the French Government where a ban of Burqas may soon be implemented.

What they wish to do does not cause others harm nor does it restrict the freedom of others. There were only electors surveyed.

The law also prevents any other material as well as any garments that are not religious, that cover the face. If a man is caught and forces a female to wear a burqa, the outcome includes hefty fines as well as a prison sentence.

Should Women Wear the Burqa in Public Essay

Women should have the freedom to wear burqas if they so choose. A lot of females around the world would prefer to cover up their heads as well as their bodies; before now men have looked at women intently throughout the ages; it maintains that the headscarf can provide a form of protection for females who wear the burqa, women can come and go without being an object of harassment by Muslim men.

Why do some cultures require women to wear veils?

This is a rhetorical device known as the all or nothing perspective. However, to women who choose to wear a veil, the call from the West to remove it seems hypocritical. Own words In contrast, burqas and niqabs should be banned in all public spaces because they present a security risk.

For a woman who wears a burqa out in public, the fine is minimal; also they may require some classes to show the love of their country.

It is posited that this freedom is what makes Australia great, and that the ultimate exercise of this freedom is to take away the freedom of dress of others meaning the muslims. Recommendation Briefing Claire Reznik should emphasize the fact that the "Ban the Burqa" paper is far from objective, and written from a limited, one-sided perspective of conservative extremists.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Moreover, he states the fact that Australia offers equality between the sexes, and that burqas should be disallowed to maintain this status quo.

If we object to this, we are discouraging freedom of religion, which is hypocritical as other forms of religious symbols are openly accepted.

The question being asked is whether other Western states to follow the Belgian and French examples and ban the full Islamic body and face-covering veil—or more specifically, the burqa and the niqab?. College Links College Reviews College Essays College Should Australia Ban the Burqa?

Should Australia Ban the Burqa? This magical solution to the ‘threat’ of women wearing burqas is to. Marina Salais-Robbins English 5 Professor Sperry 15 February Burqa Ban Essay On October 12, a law passed in France prohibiting the wearing of all face covering headgear in public such as helmets and masks, with fines up to Euros (Cosgrove par 8).

Because burqas and niqabs also cover one's face, these traditional Muslim. Women who wear burqas or hijabs, (veil) believe and practice Islam they call there self’s Muslims.

The Veil cover is the cultural interpretation of Islam for women in the Muslim world. Most western countries taken bans against the cover method.

Essay Questions On Physical Risk Psychological Safety. View this essay on Standardization of Ban the Burqa the Wearing.

The liberal perspective on burqas is that they merely represent a cultural difference or represent. The Banning Of The Burqa Religion Essay. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: The West define all the garments that cover the head as burqas, however, the term only applies to a small subset of garments. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click. We will write a custom essay sample on Burqas Should Not Be Banned specifically for you.

for only $/page. Order Now. Sylvie Maclean. A Burqa is an article of clothing that is generally considered as a religious statement. The Burqa consists of full robes and a mesh veil over the eyes.

There are other options of robes that can be worn.

Essay on burqas
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