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Happy Holi Essay In English (300 Words) For Class/School Students

Select Page Holi Essay Holi is a religious Hindu festival, celebrated every year as a festival of colors by the people all over the country.

We must try to wash away all the evils in our hearts along with the colours and allow the colour of love to stay there forever and ever.

Holi Festival 2018

She wrapped herself with a special shawl to get protected from the fire and sat in the big fire with Prahlad. It is a public holiday when all the banks, schools, colleges, offices and other institutions are closed.

At this special day we eat special things like gujhiya, sweets, chips, papad, halwa, pani puri, dahi bade, etc. Yellow — Turmeric can be made into yellow. Holika had a boon that she can be immune to fire.

This, thereforemust be the cen tre of our focus while celebrating the festival. He was so arrogant that he told people only to worship none other than him. It was a very painful lesson that I learnt - take a bath on time.

Traditionally, it is celebrated to get success over the evil power or badness of goodness. It is the festival of lots of fun and frolic activities especially for the children who take part in the celebration a week before and lasts a week after the date of Holi festival.

After seeing such type of behaviour of the Prahlad, Hiranyakashyap made a plan with sister Holika to kill Prahlad. The myth has it that her body was fireproof. Children come out of their homes in the early morning with colours and pitchakri to enjoy with friends.

In the next morning, people play with colours with their family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. There is a tradition of drinking thandai as a cold drink or Bhang.

Some times people steal articles of furniture from the neighbourhood or from those houses which are not properly looked after and burn them in this bonfire. But, his own son, Prahalada did not worship him but, a god named Vishnu. This gives it an ugly colour which must be shunned at all times.

Women of the houses started preparing needed things for the holi celebration like special and delicious dishes, sweets, chips, namkeen and other things to welcome their neighbours, friends and relatives at holi.

They start ceremony by putting some colored powder and brass pot full of water in a thali. Mythological Significance First mythological significance of the holi celebration is the legend of Prahlad, Holika and Hiranyakshyap. She get burned and Prahlad saved by his Lord Vishnu.

Holika Dahan at the festival of holi indicates that people who admire God shall be saved like mythical character Prahlad whereas who fed up the people of God shall be punished by Him a day like mythical character Holika.

It puzzled him no ends and finally he decided to take the help of his sister Holika. Holi Essay 7 ( words) Holi is very famous festival of the colours celebrated every year in the month of Phalgun by the people of India with big joy. It is the festival of lots of fun and frolic activities especially for the children who take part in the celebration a week before and lasts a week after the date of Holi festival.

Free Essay on Holi for Kids – Holi is a festival of hues and colours. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. It brings joy and merriment everywhere. People forget their enmity. Children are the happiest of the lot. They play Holi with water colours and, balloons.

Holi Festival. As the Holi festival celebration in India brings a lot of happiness, joy and colors to everyone’s life to make the life of people colorful, it is commonly called as the “Festival of Colors”. Essay on Holi for Children This is one festival which is celebrated ina man ner that gives joy to everyone irrespective of age It’s a festival of colours.

It s a festival of immense joy This is one of the most interesting and im portant festivals of the Hindus. Holi is just around the corner and here you can find a comprehensive snapshot of all the information need to write an essay on Holi festival.

Holi Essays - provide some short and long holi essays on holi. Find here very simple holi essay and learn how to write essays on holi and more holi essay in english. Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India.

Celebrate Holi on 21st March, Legends of Holi.

Essay for children on holi
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